Sustaining and enhancing individuals, businesses, environmental groups, and non-profits through assertive negotiations, secure contracts and successful litigation in state and federal courts.

Practice areas

Auto/Personal Injury

We handle motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases, providing a sophisticated analysis of your case, and a strategy to help you obtain the medical assistance you need.
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Business/Intellectual Property

We can help you navigate legal formalities, complicated contracts, business disputes, so you can get back to running your business.
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Weiner & Cording represents those seeking to return our planet to health, halting unnecessarily destructive projects that would harm people and properties.
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Estate Planning & Probate

Weiner & Cording can assist you with a complete estate plan including a will, trusts, powers of attorney, and other pertinent legal documents.
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Real Estate

In Colorado, it's not necessary to involve an attorney in every real estate transaction. However, we provide invaluable assistance when an attorney is necessary.
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Wrongful Death

Our settlements and litigation in this area have resulted in our clients receiving funds at or close to Colorado's wrongful death cap in all of our cases.
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Why Call Weiner & Cording?

Let us help you with your personal injury, automobile, and environmental case or serve your business, estate planning and real estate needs.  We have won three cases (lost none) in the State Supreme Courts of Colorado and Alaska, obtained a $12.3 million settlement which earned new and arsenic free yards for 300 Denver families, obtained an $866,000 verdict from a Greeley jury against an oil company in oil-friendly Weld County, settled over a hundred personal injury cases and served over a hundred business clients.  We’ve made a difference in the world, and we will make your life better, too.  That’s our promise.

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Our Team

Randall Weiner, of Weiner & Cording Law Offices
Randall Weiner
Picture of Annmarie Cording, one of the lawyers in Weiner & Cording
Annmarie Cording
Rhianna Gray, the firm's paralegal
Rhianna Gray
From start to finish, Randall and his entire team were fantastic throughout the entire process. Keeping me informed every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better scenario.
Robert Wilczewski

Legal Triumphs by State

a map of the United States with an inset map of colorado, into which pins are placed to indicate the places in which Weiner & Cording have won significant cases

Chukchi Sea

Suit to compel the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to promulgate the incidental take regulations to protect polar bear and walrus.

Chukchi Sea

Suit to compel the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to promulgate the incidental take regulations to protect polar bear and walrus.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Successful lawsuits prevented oil and gas lease sales (Camden Bay and Demarcation Point) in Alaska waters off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Had oil activity commenced, there would have been incredible pressure to permit more oil drilling around and in the Arctic Refuge, America’s pristine Serengeti on the Arctic Ocean.

Boise, ID

Successful suit compelled a fishing equipment company to reduce the toxic chemicals it used.

Bear Lake: Bear Lake, UT/ID Border

Lawsuit brought under the Clean Water Act led to an agreement among farmers, power company, and Bear Lake Watch to stabilize the lake levels. Famed football great Merlin Olsen played the key mediation role.

Syracuse, NY

Fifty-five complaints filed in 1986-87 against election officials to compel them to register college students to vote

Bronx, New York

Obtained a second temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the infamous Long Island Garbage Barge from landing in the Bronx. This was in the early days of the recycling movement and increased awareness of the nation’s garbage crisis and the need for recycling alternatives.

Brooklyn, NY

Third TRO obtained to halt the Garbage Barge. Witnesses at trial included Barry Commoner and Paul Connett to help promote recycling alternatives to landfilling.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

My second lawsuit slowed and ultimately halted New York State’s approval of one of the nation's largest (polluting) urban trash burners, known as the Brooklyn Navy Yard incinerator. This case challenged and caused the disqualification of the hearing judge due to his conflicts of interest.

Hauppauge, NY

First TRO obtained to keep the Garbage Barge from unloading its contents in New York State, due to the presence of infectious waste aboard.

Hotchkiss, CO

MacAlpine v. Hopper: First Colorado case to find that pesticide drift poses a trespass on neighbor’s property, with Hotchkiss, Colo. sprayer sentenced to jail.

Salida, CO

McKenna v. Judd Fine Homes: Injunction granted to pay for construction of massive retaining wall to protect our client’s home downhill from Salida, Colo. “landside house.”

Paonia, CO

Lawsuit for the wrongful death of a Paonia mother who fell down a flight of stairs that possessed no handrail. The case was brought on behalf of her estate and her adult heirs, and settled for $500,000.

Colorado Springs, CO

The Colorado Supreme Court rules in our favor that Colorado Springs does not have sovereign immunity from remediating its coal tar contaminants that polluted our client’s arts and yoga center.

La Junta, CO

Lawsuit under the Community Right-to-Know Act compelled a manufacturer to reduce its pollution by baking, rather than spraying, its paint onto school lockers.

Fountain, CO

Pontius v. Aspen View Homes: Settlement funds repair back yards of ten adjacent homeowners in Fountain, Colo. due to developers’ low-grade work.

Jackson, CO

Lawsuit compelled county to abandon trash incineration plans and institute recycling program.

Boulder, CO

Aerial application of herbicide (Tordon) challenged. Future helicopter spraying halted a year after suit.

Boulder, CO

Aerial application of herbicide (Tordon) challenged. Future helicopter spraying halted a year after suit.

Denver, CO

Class action toxic tort lawsuit required smelting company to remediate approximately 300 residential properties in north Denver contaminated with arsenic, and pay damages to residents.

Milliken, CO

After a five-day jury trial in Greeley, Colorado, seven jurors found Suncor Energy Pipeline Company in breach of contract and awarded $866,000 to the owners of Arborland Nursery.

La Salle, CO

After the largest leaking underground storage tank (“LUST”) incident ever reported in Colorado, we successfully sued to compel the responsible oil company to settle with four families.

New Raymer, CO

Lawsuit compelled oil exploration companies that excessively trampled sensitive grasslands to pay damages to landowners.

Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Articles and successful legal campaign kept a “trash reef” comprised of Philadelphia’s garbage from despoiling the Saba Bank, a premier diving and fishing grounds. “I thank [Randall] for his vigilance,” says columnist William Steif in The Daily News of the Virgin Islands, May 24, 1988.

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