Auto/Personal Injury

Car accidents are traumatic and might cause injury, which should be checked at a doctor's office or hospital.

We handle all motor vehicle accident and other personal injury cases. We’ve settled or successfully litigated over 100 cases over the last 14 years. When you consult with us, we provide you with a sophisticated analysis of your accident or personal injury case, and a strategy to help you obtain the medical assistance you need, whether or not you are covered by health insurance.

At this office, you’ll find compassion and aggressiveness – an oasis of support after the trauma you’ve felt from your injury. As one satisfied client put it: “Randall Weiner has offered excellent legal services for me. He took my case seriously, and had great advice. If you need a caring, compassionate Lawyer who is actually interested in your case, he is your guy!”.

Can we help with your accident?

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