Help Protect Conservation Easements in Boulder County

There’s an old adage among public interest, environmental lawyers: if you want to stop polluters, get as far away from the local branch of government as possible. That’s because polluters and land despoilers generally have more sway with local governments, due to the benefits of taxes, employment and political contributions they provide.  That’s why generally our environmental clients’ best allies are the federal government, the state government, and the local government, in that order.

It’s with that adage in mind that we can look at the Boulder County planning board’s approval of the extinguishment of a 40-year old agricultural conservation easement at Kanemoto Estates that protects Airport Road and the Diagonal Highway from urban sprawl.

The Boulder County planning board was much more likely to be enticed by the developer’s contribution to the county’s open space fund than the federal or state government would ever be. One would’ve hoped that the volunteer planning board members would stand up to development and county staff pressures to support the more ephemeral value of conservation.  But they didn’t.

But they don’t have the final word. The issue moves now to Boulder County’s three county commissioners.  You can always contact them, on their on-line “Contact Form” or attend the County Commission meeting when it is scheduled by the Commissioners to address this issue, to let your voice be heard.

Please see our Letter to the Editor and the Article in the Daily Camera.

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